Textile CoatingsTeflon coating solution

Since 1986 TECHNO COAT SYSTEMS is providing TEFLON® coating solution in Textile industry. Coating is done for the various Textile applications like Drying Cylinders, Sizing Cylinders, Guide rolls, Lease rod, Pin bar, Textile Bath, Vacuum Slot etc. This coating improves production rate & quality. It also enables the disturbance free work on automatic machines.

TEFLON® polymer has a working temperature upto 260oC. TEFLON® is non stick to virtually everything so fabric rolling on the cylinder or guide roll gives the better performance and maintain the quality of the fabric.

Types of Textile Coatings:



  • Non stick to virtually everything
  • Extremely low coefficient of friction
  • Low Maintenance
  • Also Works as Dry Lubricant
  • High Temperature Stability

Technical Specification

  • Operating temperature: upto 260oC
  • Coating Thickness: 25 to 70 Microns
  • TEFLON® is a registered trademark of CHEMOURS