Water and waste water Coatings


Potable water and wastewater treatment plants must withstand plenty of abuse and impurity. TECOSY offer high-performance water and waste water treatment coatings that defend treatment facilities against corrosion.

Types of Water and waste water Coatings:

  • Rilsan®
  • FBE
  • HALAR®

Potable Water

Desalination plant, Fire safety system valves and pipeling, Hydro power generation plant.

Non Potable water

Hydrogen sulfide and other corrosive chemicals found as a result of wastewater sewage corrosion can cause standard cadmium-plated or hot-dipped galvanized nuts and bolts to rust or fail, making them difficult to remove. When this occurs, disassembling requires additional man hours for torching, cutting and nut splitting. We offers superior corrosion resistance and proven durability, making it ideal for coating stainless steel fasteners, T-head bolts, pipelines used in underground water works service.

  • HALAR® is a registered trademark of SOLVAY
  • Rilsan® is a registered trademark of ARKEMA